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"New Year New You" Cleanse 2020 Day 6!

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"New Year New You" Cleanse 2020 Day 6!

Day six, and hands-down my favourite day of this week! Day six parameters are as follows:

Fowl and Veggies – Don’t be shy, eat to your heart’s content filling up with chicken, turkey and vegetables – no potatoes today!

Here’s Day 6 check ins!


I find day six the easiest day of them all. I typically don’t eat red meat as it is, and over time have learned how to eat healthier and have more vegetables, so for me this day is a walk in the park. It’s also very easy for me to find a meal to make that incorporates chicken breast and veggies, so I am just eating normally with my family too… which really helps!

For breakfast I had part of a chicken breast and carrot sticks. For lunch I made a salad with romaine, spinach, crushed jalapeno, shredded chicken breast and salsa. For super I made chicken and peppers stir fry (with green, red and yellow peppers). For my family I made brown rice, and for me I made cauliflower rice. Through the day I munched on a veggie tray. My grandkids were over for the day, which always means more sweets around, and full disclosure I also had a wafer cookie.

Here’s what our other participant had to say about Day 6:

I didn’t really want chicken and veggies anymore – honestly, I could go without veggies for a couple days lol

Started my day with a black coffee and no food – so I am apparently intermittently fasting …unintentionally!  Had black coffee and a handful of carrot sticks for lunch.  Water with my chicken and veggies for supper.  I did add some soya sauce on the veggies when they were frying – I really needed another flavor!  I finished off the last of my celery stalk and ate the last 5 carrot sticks (why I left 5 is beyond me…maybe it looked like more when I put it back...??).

How did Day 7 (and HALLELUJAH the FINAL day!) go? Check in tomorrow to find out!


Image by PhotosByGreg from Pixabay

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