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Slow and Half

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Slow and Half

Over the years, we have talked about many ways to lose weight, eat healthy and manage your current weight. Personally,  I’ve tried about every eating plan you could think of: Keto, Atkins, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, calorie counting, not eating anything higher than 30% fat, Whole 30, Actual Nutrition, Weight Watchers, Noom, and Macrostaxx… and even with that exhaustive of a list, I’m sure there are some that I have forgotten.

Most everything I tried worked for a while, and then ultimately did not, either because my resolve would crumble, or I wouldn’t get results. To say this was frustrating is a gross understatement.

While I was trying to decide what to do next, I started wondering if maybe it did not have to be this complicated. Maybe the stress I was causing myself was contributing to the problem. Maybe I could just try something simpler.

So, here it is: slow and half. It is about as simple of a suggestion as there can possibly be. Basically, eat whatever you would normally eat, but only half the amount. If you’re a regular “seconds” grabber, only have “firsts”. Do not take anything out of what you would normally eat, and this includes sweets. Just take half of what you normally would… and really enjoy it. This is where the “slow” comes into play. Slow down while you are eating, savor and enjoy each bite (especially when you are having treats!). Slowing down how quickly you eat not only makes you more aware of how much you are eating, but it gives your body a chance to send those signals to your brain that you’ve had enough!

No tracking, no weighing, no measuring… and because of this, less stress. Give slow and a half a try and see how it works for you!


Image by RitaE from Pixabay

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