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Appy Friday: 85-15

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Appy Friday: 85-15

Earlier this week, we talked about different ways you can apply the 85-15 rule when it comes to reaching your goals. There are several food journal apps available, that we have covered on this blog: Weight Watchers app, MyFitnessPal, Carb Manager, and iTrack Bites, to name a few. Any of these apps will help you with tracking and maintaining your food goals.

When it comes to tracking your steps, we also have covered several wearable devices that would be great for this: Fitbit, Misfit, Striiv, and Jawbone. There is also another platform that works incredibly well for tracking: WearOS, which is Google’s answer to the Fitbit platform. WearOS works on several devices, just as Fossil Smartwatches, TicWatch, Misfit Vapor, Huawei Watches, LG, and Guess to name a few. WearOS will link directly with your gmail account to give you quick access and information. Similar to other tracking platforms, WearOS will track your active minutes, steps, heart rate (if your wearable device allows that), and keep track of your weekly totals. WearOS doesn’t focus on steps as much as Fitbit, however. WearOS’s focus is on move minutes and heart points. Move minutes are credited for any kind of activity you do... whether it’s walking, bike riding, or taking the stairs. Heart points, however, are a little more targeted and only awarded with more intense workouts.

WearOS comes with a great interface and works very well. As with any platform, they are constantly making improvements, and earlier this month it was announced that Google has purchased FitBit. You can read about it here: It will be interesting to see if this acquisition changes the WearOS platform, or if this will be exclusive to the Google Pixel phones. As they say, stay tuned!

No matter which platform you opt to go with, tracking steps is a great way to help stay accountable!


Image by zuzyusa from Pixabay

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