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Appy Friday: Waste some time!

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Appy Friday: Waste some time!

The challenge for choosing an app for Appy Friday that focuses on wasting time wasn’t finding a good app… it was trying to narrow it down to just one! Because of this, this Appy Friday is a little different. Here is a list of various apps available that can help you accomplish some time wasting!


Any (literally any) social media app – When it comes to social media, the app game is strong! The key is to find one that you can enjoy, that won’t take over your life. Facebook is likely still the king, although there are some healthy contenders! Do you consider yourself more of a visual person who likes pictures? Instagram may be a better fit for you. Do you enjoy chatting one on one with people? Give Snapchat a try! Do you like getting a lot of information in a few sentences? Check out Twitter. Happen to be into short videos? TikTok is the platform for you!

If you don’t really consider yourself a social media butterfly, smartphones have an entire world of app-based games you can play. These are typically broken down into categories on app stores, which make finding games that fit your lifestyle even easier. Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Minecraft, Red Ball, Mario, Ape Chase, Trivia Crack… the list really is endless!

If you’re not a closet gamer at heart, maybe news and information is more your lane. Reddit is a great platform for sharing ideas and information. Flipboard is another great platform, which is customizable based on interest, to show you relevant information. Most every major news network has their own standalone app, and magazines such as National Geographic offer subscriptions for a few dollars a month.

Take some time to waste some time; your brain will thank you for it!


Image by natureaddict from Pixabay

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