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Balance Your Life: Move!

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Balance Your Life: Move!

This week’s Balance Your Life tip is all about motion!

People talk a great deal about cardio training… strength training… even flexibility training… but it doesn’t have to be a complicated label. If you’re wanting to be healthier, feel stronger, improve your balance and flexibility, and even your endurance, it all comes down to one thing: MOVE!

Move your body. Has your favourite song come on the radio? Dance to the beat. Are you watching your favourite show on TV? Stand up and walk or jog in place or get down on the ground and do some stretching. Do you need to run an errand just down the street? Ditch the wheels and grab your sneakers instead!

Find ways to move that you enjoy. Take up a hobby that helps to get you moving! The key is to find something enjoyable, so that you will stick with it. If you’re not a strong swimmer, taking up lap swimming likely won’t be for you!

What you’ll discover is that the more you move, the more you’ll WANT to move, and that’s a win win!

This Balance Your Life tip is brought to you by Belmont Health & Wealth. Contact us today for information on group savings, group employee benefits, and even wellness strategies!


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