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Balance Your Life: Be Kind to Yourself

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Balance Your Life: Be Kind to Yourself

This week’s Balance Your Life™ tip focuses on the importance of being kind … to yourself!

For the past 4+ months, countries have been faced with a global pandemic unlike anything that has been dealt with in recent memory. (I intentionally avoided using the word unprecedented … while accurate, it seems to be the media buzz word!) Many people found themselves laid off, working reduced hours or working full time from home. Many people, myself included, were grateful to be able to work from home, but the sudden shift in “normal” threw previous schedules and routines right out the window.

The biggest thing to remember through all of this is to be kind to yourself. Too often, we are our own worse critic, but recognizing the craziness that has been the past four months, as businesses work to return to a new normal, is a kindness all of us should be paying ourselves. Maybe your food choices weren’t always healthy, or your usual exercise routine went to the wayside (for anyone who relied on gyms, this most certainly was the case as everything was closed) and as a result you aren’t as happy with yourself as you could be. Maybe you didn’t get everything accomplished that you wanted to while being at home. Maybe the most that you accomplished was that you caught up on all the episodes of Netflix you wanted.  I’ll let you in on a secret: IT’S OK! Whatever happened during the last four months is what you needed to do, to get through. Do not see this as a defeat, but as a victory. Celebrate yourself, celebrate where you are, and do not let where you want to go overshadow where you are right now. You can be confident and love yourself while working to improve yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive.

A great quote I read that has stayed with me is “Confidence is a habit, not a trait.” Work on developing your confidence habit, and the rest will fall into place!

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