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Balance Your Life: Wasting Time

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Balance Your Life: Wasting Time

This week’s Balance Your Life™ tip focuses on the benefits of wasting time! 

We live in a society that is go go GO! More than ever, there is a push for productivity, action, success, and making the most of every moment you have. However, is there a price to burning our candles at both ends? Is there value in actually wasting time?

Taking the time to slow down is an integral part of recharging and regaining focus. Think of your car engine; if you ran it at a high velocity, with no breaks in speed, eventually things would break, and shut down. Your body is just another type of a finely-tuned engine, where the same thing can occur.

When any of us focus too much on pushing ourselves, we can become more frantic, pay less attention to the small details, and ultimately make errors we normally wouldn’t make. Stepping back, exhaling, and taking the time for ourselves allows us to rest, relax, and refocus. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy work-life balance with more time off actually results in MORE productivity, not less!

Also, focusing so much on being productive can rob you of things right in front of you. A writer was once commissioned to write a book about a method he had developed to be more efficient. He ended up abandoning the project, stating instead that he had spent so long focusing on how to be more efficient with his time, that he’d ended up missing valuable moments with his daughter.

There’s nothing wrong with being productive – just make sure you strike a healthy balance between all that is important in your life!

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