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"New Year New You": Day 6

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"New Year New You": Day 6

Day 6 Parameters: Fowl and Veggies – Don’t be shy, eat to your heart’s content filling up with Chicken, Turkey and Vegetables – no potatoes today!

Monday was Day 6 of the “New Year New You” food challenge…. And this is the day that I find the easiest of all 7. With the exception of having to eat chicken and veggies for breakfast, I think Day 6 probably feels the closest to a “normal day” as any of this can.

Beverages for the day were the same… one coffee, herbal tea and water. And really, this is pretty typical for me normally. I’m not really a soda drinker (on occasion) or an alcohol drinker (even less on occasion) so beverages very much are status quo.

For breakfast and lunch, I brought boneless, skinless chicken breast with blended tomatoes and pureed jalapenos (you may have guessed that I have a thing for jalapenos) and they were fantastic. I had carrots and cucumbers for snacks (thankfully not sick of cucumbers yet) and the day went pretty smoothly. I didn’t have any weird cravings, aside from just wishing I didn’t have to focus so much on all of this.

For supper, I made everyone a chicken and pepper stir fry with brown rice on the side. I skipped the rice and had the chicken and peppers (normally I toss this with some cooking sherry and apple cider vinegar, but because I couldn’t have those things I skipped that step, and honestly I didn’t find a huge difference in the flavor). All of us migrated to the living room to watch a show on Netflix while we had supper, and this sounds pretty stupid but it was SO NICE to just sit with everyone and eat the same thing they were!

Last night, my husband asked me when I was done with my eating challenge, because tomorrow was wing night. For me, today is day 7… so I kinda wanted to punch him in the face.

Tune in Friday to find out how Day 7 went!

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