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Day Two: Vegetables!

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Day Two: Vegetables!

This week, myself and one other brave soul are taking part in a “New Year’s Cleanse” eating plan for seven days, to help kick those nasty holiday cravings for salt and sugar. You can read about what it is here. Both of us weighed ourselves in the beginning. We will be weighing ourselves at the end to report on the total weight loss, as well as one week later, once the normal eating “floodgates” have been opened, to get a better idea of longer term change.

Day Two

Yesterday was day two of the New Year’s Cleanse, which was Vegetable Day. The directions for day two were as follows: “Eat lots of vegetables – fresh, raw, or cooked. Stay away from starchy vegetables such as peas, corn and beans. SURPRISE! You also get a baked potato with butter today.”

Me: I am happy to report that two days in and I still haven’t slipped!! I found day two a little easier than the first day because I was able to eat something heated up. Especially at supper time, it doesn’t feel like I’ve really eaten a meal if I haven’t had a hot meal. The challenging part of the day for me was breakfast… I like having fruit and toast at breakfast and I missed that! Also, Saturday is usually pasta night here, and I was REALLY missing that! I had cucumbers, carrots, a big vegetable salad (no dressing), and for supper my baked potato with mashed carrots and turnip. I actually felt a little full after supper which was a nice feeling!  All day I drank hot water, no lemon, since it was veggie day not fruit day.

I will send an update as to how my "partner in crime" is doing when I have her update in. 

Tomorrow is fruit and veggie day… we will see how that goes!


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