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"New Year New You": Day 5

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"New Year New You": Day 5

Day 5 Parameters: Fowl and Tomatoes – Chicken, Turkey and 6 tomatoes throughout the day. Make sure you drink a glass of water for each tomato you eat to wash the uric acid out of your body.

Sunday was Day 5 of the “New Year New You” food challenge…. And Day 5 is always the day I look the most forward to… after four days of just fruits, veggies and one day with yogurt, I am always VERY ready to have some meat again!

Beverages for Day 5 were the same as all prior days: One cup of black coffee, and then herbal tea and water the remainder of the day. (Side note: I am completely and totally addicted to Davids Tea now. I’d love to be able to find a way to replace my morning coffee with tea instead… but I find my body still needs that electric shot of caffeine first thing in the morning!).

On Sundays, we have a regular thing where I make a big brunch for everyone who’s here. My grandkids spend the night every Saturday night so they are here… and I always hope that it’s one of those things that nobody really thinks a lot about now…. but down the road it’ll be a nice memory they look back on from my house. Because of that, Day 5 was a little more challenging for me than it normally is.

I have a food intolerance to tomatoes (I break out in hives if I eat them straight!) so I substituted tomatoes with cucumbers. In the past, I’ve just had two fowl and vegetable days but I figured I would stay more in line with the eating plan if I just substituted one for one.

I had chicken breast from the instant pot for breakfast, and throughout the day I kept cucumbers with me, sliced and ready to munch on. I avoided convincing myself that my normal turkey bacon would be fine to have, because it’s turkey after all (but I’m not going to lie… it was SUPER tempting!)

For supper, I made my family chicken wings… and again had to remind myself that just because chicken wings were chicken, that didn’t make it ok to have. I had plain, boneless skinless chicken breast from the instant pot again.

I find that I’m not really craving any specific foods, but it’s more craving “free will”. Just having the ability to eat what I want, when I want. (And let’s be honest… that way of thinking is probably what got me to the point where I had over 60 pounds to lose!) I still remind myself of the “science experiment” mentality when I’m feeling weaker. People have told me that they admire my willpower. I’m not sure it’s willpower to be honest. I think it’s more that I’m stubborn, and I don’t like to fail.

Tune in Thursday to find out how Day 6 went!


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