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Jumpstart Clean Eating: The One-Week Followup!

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Jumpstart Clean Eating: The One-Week Followup!

Last week, I took part in a “New Year’s Cleanse” eating plan for seven days, to help kick those nasty holiday cravings for salt and sugar. You can read about what it is here. I weighed myself on the morning of the first day. I also weighed myself the day after I had completed the seven days. And this is my one-week follow-up to see how things went!

I weighed myself this morning, and every morning this week actually (that has just become part of my habit now!) and I was very happy to see that I’ve been holding steady on my weight loss. Some days I’m up, other days I’m down… but overall I’m staying in the same “range” I found after the seven days. The previous three years, when I went back to my regular eating, I did gain a little of the weight back, but this time is different…. I think it’s because I was already on a pretty healthy eating plan when I did it this time!

My junk food cravings have remained in check: I’m not craving overly salty things or even sweets. The only sweet I don’t think I’ll ever break my love affair with are Kirkland Chocolate Chip Granola bars… and honestly, if that’s the worst thing I’m eating I can live with that!

This time around I also noticed a big difference in my willpower… which I was happy to see. Willpower is something I’ve historically struggled with, but I’m happy to have made some healthier habits in 2017 that I can carry with me into 2018!

I feel healthier and maybe even a bit more confident than I was before… which is a pretty big deal for me. I absolutely would recommend this seven-day “new year new you” detox as a great way to kick start some healthier 2018 habits!

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