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Day Three - Fruits and Vegetables

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Day Three - Fruits and Vegetables

Day Three parameters were as follows - Fruits and Veggies - Same as day one and day two, except no potato today. I'll be honest, after surviving days 1 and 2, I thought day 3 was going to be a walk in the park... however, not so much the case. For the most part, both of us who are participating in this stayed true to course. My co-worker ended up having a dessert at home, but the rest of the day she only had fruits and vegetables, so I consider that a win! I had some major food cravings on day three, and it's funny what you try to rationalize away: "Spaghetti sauce is a fruit; it's made from tomatoes!"... "if I just eat this granola bar, it's only 100 calories, it couldn't make THAT much of a difference on my outcome right? I probably wouldn't even have to mention it" (for the record, I didn't cave on the granola bar)... "Maybe I could do "cleanse stuff" during the day and just have a regular supper.... who would have to know?".... "How many people read this blog anyway?" However, at the end of the day, the only caving I did was on the spaghetti sauce, so I consider that another win. At supper time, I put some spaghetti sauce on my steamed veggies. I have to say, it didn't taste as horrid as I was expecting! I had steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I preferred the taste over spaghetti squash, so who knows maybe this is something I can take with me on a go-forward when I make the kids spaghetti. It would certainly be far healthier than eating pasta (no matter how much I LOVE pasta). I definitely missed having a little cheese on it, though. For anyone who might be interested in doing this seven day eating plan on your own time, the information that we originally posted on it is below! “New Year New You” Cleanse Diet


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