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Treat not Cheat

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Treat not Cheat

This week’s Balance Your Life™ tip focuses on shifting your mindset for a healthier and more balanced outcome!

Too often when people begin to work toward a healthier lifestyle, whether it be eating better, exercising more, or both, they can place unrealistic expectations on themselves. Working to become healthier doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye forever to certain things in your life.

For healthy eating, it doesn’t have to be farewell to sweets, or ice cream, or even cake. Special events will still come up, and you don’t have to deprive yourself when they do. Allowing yourself occasional treats doesn’t negate all the positive steps you have taken. Try not to think of it as cheating on your diet but treating yourself on occasion for making better choices.

The same goes with exercise. If you commit yourself to being active every day, and don’t occasionally take a day off to rest, you may end up resenting the time that you have to exercise, and that will work against all the positive progress you’ve made. Allow yourself those days of rest.

What works for me is a one day a week method. Once I reached my weight loss goal and moved into maintenance, I modified my regimen. I follow the Smartpoints program from Weight Watchers, and my points reset on Saturday. During the week I am committed to only using part or all of my daily points, no weeklies. So, Friday is my no track day, or my “treat” day. On Friday, I stay mindful, but I don’t actively track everything… and Friday is when I allow myself a treat as well (one treat… not a huge stockpile!)

When it comes to exercise, Sunday is my rest day. On Sunday, I give myself permission not to make my daily step goal, and I don’t go on my exercise bike. Sometimes I may get out for a walk or do something active, but not always… and if I don’t it’s ok. It allows me the balance that I need to stay the course for my healthier lifestyle and allows me a day of rest… because sometimes you just need to be able to lay around all day in pajamas and do nothing!

Be kind to yourself and remember it’s not what you do once in a while that will dictate your success… it’s what you’re doing most of the time.

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