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Balance Your Life tip: Cut it Out!

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Balance Your Life tip: Cut it Out!

This week’s Balance Your Life tip focuses on learning to cut it out! Cut what out you might ask? Anything in your life that doesn’t add value.

Now, I’m not talking about spending time playing a game or watching a movie. By all means, if those things bring you happiness and relaxation, then go for it! What I’m talking about here is things in your life that you may just be doing out of habit, that really, when you think about it, aren’t enriching your life in any way. (I’m sure most of us would like to add housecleaning and laundry to this “not enriching” list… but an argument could be made that these things DO add value!) Switching up things that may have you in a rut can sometimes be just the thing to breathe new life into the mundane. Try a new restaurant. Walk a different path. Unplug from your phone for a day.

This absolutely could be relationships too. It’s easy for all of us to fall into the habit of visiting people just because we always have…or keeping old friendships alive when really, if you step back and think about it, you seem to be the one always giving and getting nothing in return. While this is a very selfless way to be, there’s no doubt it can be draining as well.

Focus on the things that make you happy, and bring peace and tranquility, happiness, laughter, silliness and enrich you. You’ll be much happier in the long run!

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