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Day Five - Fowl and Tomatoes

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Day Five - Fowl and Tomatoes

Ah, Day Five ... or as I like to think of it, "almost done with the New Year New You Cleanse"! Instructions for Day Five were as follows: Fowl and Tomatoes - Chicken, Turkey and 6 tomatoes throughout the day. Make sure you drink a glass of water for each tomato you eat to wash the uric acid out of your body. After going through four days of just vegetables, or just fruit, or just fruits and vegetables with some skim milk, being able to actually eat meat was a HUGE treat! It's amazing after eating very light things just how full you feel when you eat meat again. My co-worker went through this day with no issues at all... after all, there are just so many things you can do with chicken! She completed her day without cheating, which was awesome! I had to modify this day slightly, due to the fact that I'm allergic to tomatoes. I can eat them to an extent, along with other things, so I modified my tomato intake to include other vegetables as well. Doing this happily got me through my day. I had chicken and tomatoes with a little garlic for breakfast, and had a chicken and vegetable soup at lunch. Supper was just chicken pieces. I enjoyed everything and I was finding that I didn't seem to miss some of the things that I had been missing as much. I'm hoping this means that my cravings may be changing! Tomorrow is our final day (and there was much rejoicing) and originally I planned on doing a final weigh-in on Monday. However, I can't be sure that I will completely behave myself food-wise by Sunday, so just in case I decided to do a weigh-in today, and was very surprised to discover I am down 5.6 pounds! I genuinely hope some of the healthy choices I've had to make this week carry through into my regular diet.


For anyone who might be interested in doing this seven day eating plan on your own time, the information that we originally posted on it is below! “New Year New You” Cleanse Diet

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