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Cleanse Diet: Happy New Year

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Cleanse Diet: Happy New Year

Happy New Year is all about starting off a New Year on the right foot. For some this involves setting New Year’s Resolutions that many inevitably break. One popular activity once the treat-laden holidays have passed is to take part in a cleanse diet. Cleanses aren’t just for dieting, however! There’s no question that we all live in a toxic world, and this includes some of the foods we eat, as well.

Proponents of a cleanse diet recommend that you do a body cleanse once or twice a year. Benefits of this can include increasing your energy levels, balancing your hormones, improving digestion, giving your adrenals a break, glowing skin, overall feeling of happiness and may even help you break some nasty food cravings! Ever wonder where those weird food cravings (or as I like to call them sometimes…. “crazings”) come from?

There are times in our life where we get into the habit of consuming things regularly that are just so “off the chart” not good for us, but even in the worst of foods there can be tiny bits of nutrients. So basically, you’ve trained your body to send out signals to you when it is looking for those nutrients. For tips on breaking these annoying food cravings, check out our blog on why are you wired wrong.

In addition to the above, giving your body a cleanse diet can also give you a renewed ability to cope with stress. Alcohol, sugar, refined food and caffeine all add to a condition referred to as adrenal fatigue. Not only can it be a nutritional release, but an emotional release too. You would be surprised how much more emotionally balanced you can feel if you take the time to reprogram and eat properly!


If you followed our blog last year, you will know that I took part in a seven day full body cleanse, and I intend to do that again. Why not kick off the new year on as positive of a note as possible? For anyone who would like to join me this time (Because don’t they say “the more the merrier”? Come to think of it they also say “Misery loves company” but let’s go with the first….) all you need to do is print or save the link below, which has the seven day cleanse that I did last year. Day one will be Sunday, January 10th (so get your unhealthy eating in now!). If you do plan on taking part, shoot me a message over our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Accounts…. Or you can just email me too at . The morning after each day, same as last year, I will be writing up a reflection as to how I felt the previous day went. For anyone participating with me, send me your comments too, and I will include them on the reflections (you can use your name or remain anonymous… totally up to you!) Let’s kick off this new year on the right food and with healthier versions of us! You can print or save the 7 Day Cleanse!

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