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Balance Your Life

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Balance Your Life

When we talk about Balance, it really is more than just focusing on diet and exercise. While these two components are definitely important, both of these activities feed the “body” side of what makes you, you. There is still mind, heart and spirit to consider, and these areas are just as important to feed every day! So what activities can you participate in, to feed the four and really achieve true balance in your life?

Body: This is probably the easiest one for people to figure out. Any exercise, physical activity and getting up and moving helps your body. Additionally your food choices, healthy eating and staying hydrated with plenty of water also feeds your body and helps ensure you are as healthy as you can be!

Mind: You know all those puzzles that the newspaper puts in each day? That isn’t just to fill up space! Playing “mind games” helps keep your focus sharp and be alert. Other ways to help your mind is learning something new, as well as reading.

Heart: Nothing fills your heart more than spending time with your family and friends. Setting time aside from loved ones is also one of the very best ways to combat stress. Another way to do something good for your heart and emotions? Reading again! Feel good and inspirational stories can make any of us feel more positive and optimistic.

Spirit: If you’re a religious person this one is obvious… praying, attending church and spending time with other like-minded people does your spirit good! For those of you who don’t regularly attend church, meditation is a great boost to your spirit. Also, volunteering in the community is another great spiritual boost. It can even be something as simple as buying a stranger a cup of coffee. Doing good for others does good for you!


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