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Appy Friday: Calm

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Appy Friday: Calm

Earlier this week, we talked about a Balance Your Life tip to help you achieve more peace and tranquility in your life. Going hand in hand with that is meditation!

Some people think that in order to meditate, you need to be sitting on the floor making “OHM” sounds while you sway back and forth. Some people might find a zen state by doing that, but really meditation is all about what works best for you.  Really all meditation is, is “being in the moment”… pushing random thoughts out of your mind and focusing on the present. Like anything, it takes practice!

Calm is an app available on iOS and Android that focuses on different levels of meditation, and combines images with music. The categories you can choose from each time you open the app include:

  • Learn to Meditate
  • Improve Focus
  • Develop Gratitude
  • Better sleep
  • Reduce Stress
  • Build self-esteem
  • Increase happiness
  • Reduce anxiety

When you select which you’d like, the app will show you an image and play sounds… you can choose to switch the image, turn sounds on and off… really it’s about what will work best for you in the moment. Calm also comes with a calendar, which shows how often you have meditated through the month. Most people recommend setting time aside every day to do this.

Download Calm today and give it a try! Have you tried this app or other meditation apps? We’d love to hear from you!


Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

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