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Three benefits of office plants

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Three benefits of office plants

A positive work environment is not only a commodity that just about every employee appreciates, it’s also a setting that employers strive for daily. Increased productivity, reduced stress levels, and less sick time - they’re benefits that every employer dreams of when they bring on new management or install new HR incentives. The truth is that a new hire may not be the answer! Instead, take a look around your offices. How much green do you see? Office plants are an essential tool in achieving the results above, and will consistently create a healthier, more dynamic office. Listed below are three ways that plants can help to improve your company’s workers and spruce up your workplace.

Cleaner air

Large office buildings are notorious for poor air quality. Though proper ventilation, heating, and air conditioning are crucial to maintaining a healthy office space, plants are a stellar way of improving air quality and preventing adverse health effects like Sick Building Syndrome. Plants are actively cleaning your air at all times thanks to photosynthesis. By converting light energy and carbon dioxide into fuel for the plant, you’re effectively sponging up harmful gases in the air and repurposing them as office decoration. Scientists have also found that plants are an excellent way of removing other harmful gasses from the air, like Benzene, a chemical found in pesticides and cigarette smoke. Man-made toxins originate in products like cleaning supplies, plastics, and other objects that are common in the office. Putting plants on the job is a sure-fire way to decrease potential sick days and increase overall health.

Regulated humidity

Dry air is a nightmare. Not only is it a source of physical irritation, but it can also leave your employees dehydrated, itchy, and with sore eyes. Plants release water vapour naturally, providing a green way to balance out an arid office environment, not to mention the added cosmetic value of having skin that’s properly hydrated (thank us later).

Less stress

In a 2005 study, the effects of indoor plants and windows with a view of nature were linked to significantly reduced anxiety or stress levels. The idea may sound a little more arcane than the biology behind humidity regulation and air quality, but the visual impact of a greener, natural office is instrumental in creating a productive, stress-free work station. Making an office comfortable is about what you do to customize the space. Luckily, there’s a type of plant for just about anyone - whether it be a Fire Pencil Cactus, Lucky Bamboo, or the NASA recommended Peace Lily. Having your own office plants can be a fun way to personalize your work space and keep your air clean! All in all, plants are awesome. Let us know what you do to keep your office happy and healthy, and if you are already an office plant owner, we’d love to hear what greenery suits your fancy!

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