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Balance Your Life Tip: Spend Time Alone

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Balance Your Life Tip: Spend Time Alone

This week’s Balance Your Life™ tip focuses on the importance of giving yourself some alone time!

In this hustle and bustle world, the person that many of us neglect is ourselves. Sometimes it can feel like taking time for yourself is selfish, but there are some real science-backed reasons why you should make yourself a priority!

Spending time alone increases empathy

If you are always spending time with friends or co-workers, it becomes easy to adopt an “us vs them” mentality. Taking time alone can help you to step back and see all sides with a little more understanding.

Solitude increases productivity

Although many offices have started creating open floor plans so everyone can communicate more easily, studies have shown being around people all the time kills productivity. People perform better when they have a little privacy.

Solitude sparks creativity

There’s a reason that creative souls retire to a remote location or a private studio to work. Being alone with your thoughts gives your mind a chance to wander, which can help you become more creative.

Being alone can help you build mental strength

Having social connections and a good support system is important, but studies have also shown the people who learn how to be happy with alone time have increased happiness, better life satisfaction and improved stress management. People who enjoy alone time experience less depression.

Solitude helps you know yourself

Being alone helps you become more comfortable in your own skin, awake from outside influences. Not only can this give you better insight to who you are as a person, but it can also help boost your confidence!

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