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Appy Friday: Debt Tracker

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Appy Friday: Debt Tracker

For many of us, debt can feel like this insurmountable thing and if we aren’t seeing progress, we can feel like we are failing, which can make some people give up on trying.

Fortunately, there’s several apps available, such as Debt Tracker. Debt Tracker allows you to make a list of the debt you currently have, and each month you add the payments you’re making, so at a quick glance you can see the overall progress you’re making. It’s a great motivator to be able to see that your efforts really are making a difference!

This app does not download anything from any of your existing accounts (for those who prefer to manually track) and you can list an unlimited number of expenses. And because you’re in charge of what is added, you can choose if you want to add everything or just focus on certain areas (like credit card debt, as an example).

Fully customizable and easy to use, Debt Tracker is a great app to have in your financial arsenal! Give it a try today!

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