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Appy Friday: Mint

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Appy Friday: Mint

This Appy Friday, let’s get your finances healthy! A great app that can manage your accounts, as well as track your budget and provide a visual chart of where you’re at and how you’re doing is called “Mint”. This is a free app, where you can link your accounts (and it will automatically update balances for you), and it comes with a default budget, for those of you who aren’t sure how much you should be spending on what. This budget is fully customizable, and the app will show you at a glance if you’re on the right track for your budget, if you need to cut back somewhere, or if you are ahead of the game.

A great thing to do with this is if, for example, you have a month where you don’t use all of your clothing budget. Take those extra funds and pay it toward a debt you have. The sooner you can pay off debt, the more interest you’ll save!

With tons of customizable features, and the ability to set up reminders, this is an invaluable tool to bring into 2019! Download Mint today!

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