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Appy Friday: White Noise & Deep Sleep Sounds

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Appy Friday: White Noise & Deep Sleep Sounds

This Appy Friday, help get some ZZZZZ’s by using a White Noise app!

White Noise and Deep sleep sounds is an app developed by Kitefaster, LLC which uses a combination of white noise sounds, as well as nature, to help lull you into a sound sleep. The app comes with over 25 free soothing sounds, with the option to upgrade to get more in your sound library.

White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds helps adults sleep by:

  • Blocking out unwanted noises – Every house has its share of creaks and squeaks; using a white noise app helps to drown out the other sounds, so you can fall asleep easier, and stay asleep
  • Forming a sleep association that cues you to fall asleep – Our bodies are creatures of habit, and using white noise helps to provide a cue to your body that it’s time to sleep. Studies have shown it can help adults fall asleep faster than they normally would
  • Helping you feel calm, relaxed and soothed – Is there anything more relaxing than a white noise hum as you’re trying to relax? We don’t think so!

Better sleep helps to improve your overall wellness and mental and physical health. Give White Noise and Deep Sleep Sounds a try today! 

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