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Balance Your Life Tip: Balance

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Balance Your Life Tip: Balance

This week’s Balance Your Life™ tip focuses on practicing actual balancing!

People talk a great deal about cardio training… strength training… even flexibility training… but it isn’t as often that you hear about balance training!

Though it may not always cross your mind, you need good balance to do just about everything in your life, from walking, running, standing up from a seated position, or leaning over to pick up something you may have dropped on the floor.

Doing balance training can be as simple as balancing on one foot to more complex yoga postures. The key is to start small, incorporate some movement once you have the basics down, and then branch out from there. There is also equipment such as Bosu Balls or Balance Boards that you can use to increase the level of difficulty in the balance training that you’re doing.

Balance training not only improves the muscles that aid with stability, it also gives your mental focus a workout too. Don’t believe me? Try to hold a yoga posture without concentrating!

Some suggestions for basic balance training include:

  • ·         Standing with your weight on one leg and raising other leg to the side, behind you, and in front of you.
  • ·         Putting our heel right in front of your toe, and walking like a tightrope.
  • ·         Standing up and sitting down in a chair without using your hands.
  • ·         Walking while alternating knee lifts with each step.


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