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Day Three

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Day Three

This week, staff from Belmont Health & Wealth (four in total) are taking part in a “New Year’s Cleanse” eating plan for seven days, to help kick those nasty holiday cravings for salt and sugar. You can read about what it is here. Belmont employees were all encouraged to weigh themselves before the week started. We will be weighing ourselves at the end to report on the total weight loss, then again one week later to report on how we are doing once we “open the floodgates” back up to eating normally. The hope for this week is to not only kick some unhealthy cravings, but jump start some healthy eating habits! I will report my progress, as well as staff (who are participating anonymously).

Day Three

Yesterday was day three of the New Year’s Cleanse, which was Fruit and Vegetable Day. The directions for day three were as follows: “Same as day one and day two, except no potato today.”

Me: For Day Three, I was super good with the exception of maybe 10 minutes… I had fruit for breakfast (pineapple), munched on steam carrots and cantaloupe for lunch, and had some cantaloupe at supper… along with one cup of pasta and a little pasta sauce. I think pasta will ALWAYS be a weakness for me! I will say that after three days of just fruits and veggies, I couldn’t believe how full I felt off one cup of pasta though! I drank my eight glasses of water as well.

Agent A: So as suspected today was a disaster. First thing I ate was half a Popsicle, then a little ginger-ale. I had a few lindor chocolates when I got home. Supper was a little pork and a few fries. I’m totally bummed that I couldn’t be good today. But I will be on track tomorrow.

Agent B: Not bad yesterday…still working my way toward compliance… Fruit at breakfast and a simple lunch of just cut veggies and mixed fruit and nothing else…how is that a meal??? Dinner went a little sideways…I did have lettuce and tomato…unfortunately they were held hostage by pieces of bread and laced with mayo, and tortured by some evil ham…really, it wasn’t my fault…

Agent C: I survived yesterday!  However, I did eat too many raw veggies on an empty tummy and ended up with some short term stomach pains!  That’s my fault though, I knew better than to do that. I have my personal trainer tonight so I am going to have to add more to my meal plan today than bananas and milk, but I will include that too.

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