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3 simple neck stretches that work

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3 simple neck stretches that work

If you’ve read our previous blog on posture, you might already know that a lot of Canadians suffer from sore necks and backs. It’s a common side effect of sitting incorrectly for hours at a time. If you want to prevent neck and back injuries at work, be sure to check out that post for tips on proper posture, and ways to stay active at work. However, if you’re currently suffering from a sore neck, read on for ways 3 ways to stretch out the kinks! As a disclaimer, if any of these stretches cause pain or severe discomfort, talk to your doctor or local chiropractor. Your injury may require professional care.

3 easy neck stretches

1. The shoulder shrug

While standing, let your arms hang by your sides. Then, shrug your shoulders upward and hold them in place. Hold this position for five seconds. Inhale and exhale during the five seconds, then relax your shoulders back down to their normal position. If you spend a substantial amount of time sitting down looking at a computer screen, the shrug will help to alleviate the strain you put on your neck. It activates lower neck and shoulder muscles that are susceptible to knots, and helps to work kinks out.

2. The peek-through

Stand just outside a doorway and place your hands on either side of the frame at shoulder height. With your knees slightly bent, move your upper body forward and through the doorway until you feel a stretch. Keep your chest and head up, with your eyes looking straight ahead. Hold this position for 15 seconds while breathing deeply the entire time. To release the pose, slowly push yourself back to a standing position. A great stretch for those of us who tend to slouch forward when working on a laptop. It activates upper arms, shoulders, and also helps to stretch out a tight chest.

3. The leaning tower of tension

While sitting or standing, let your arms hang at your side. Slowly tilt your head to one side, while making sure not to lean forward of backward. You should feel a stretch along the side of your neck. Hold your head in the tilted position for five seconds and then alternate to the other side. Perform the stretch 3 times on each side. If you’ve ever woken up with a kink in your neck, this is the stretch for you. It stretches the sides of the neck that often get aggravated from being stuck in an irregular position for long periods of time. If you have any go-to stretches for kinks and sore muscles, let us on know us know on social!

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