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Health has taken the forefront of our news as of late, in light of the WHO declared pandemic. In an effort to stave off spreading this virus, people are required to practice social distancing (introverts, your time has finally come to shine!) and washing their hands frequently. Everyone seems to have their own way to time how long they should be washing their hands, from reciting poetry to singing parts of their favourite song. Well, here’s another way! Why not introduce some gratitude and mindful meditation into your last handwashing of the day?


As you’re lathering up, mentally count to five! Each time, list:

  • One thing you love about yourself
  • Two things you loved about your day
  • Three things you want to accomplish tomorrow
  • Four people to send positive vibes (or mental “I love you’s”) to
  • Five happy thoughts


Give it a try and see what positive changes you can make in your outlook and mental state! What other positive thoughts can you add to your list?

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