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5 easy ways you can prepare for winter

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5 easy ways you can prepare for winter

After last year’s record shattering winter Nova Scotians are now very aware of a common misconception - ‘old man winter’ really ought to sound something more like ‘remorseless barbarian winter’. When he strikes, your best bet to stay healthy and comfortable is to be prepared! The only way to fully equip yourself for winter this year is to prepare for anything and everything. Okay, while that might not be completely possible, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. Here are 5 ways you can get yourself better prepared for winter.

1. Winter tires Driving in the winter can be tough - make it easier on yourself by getting your winter tires installed early. Although the thought of installing winter tires can bring out the procrastinator in all of us, it truly is important for safe winter driving. You’ll thank us later, when the temperature suddenly drops and the roads start to feel a lot less accommodating.

2. Winter-proofing your home Getting your home winter-ready is always worth the investment. While the number of ways you can save heat in your home is practically unlimited, we subscribe to the advice recommended by Nova Scotia door manufacturer Nova Doors and Windows; limit the amount of air that seeps in from your doors and windows. A door snake is an easy and fashionable way to block air from entering from under your door, and a set of heavy curtains can do the same for your windows. Of course, for a long-lasting fix, a properly installed window/door is always your best option.

3. Emergency kits Hope for the best, and plan for the worst. Emergency kits for your car and home are a great way to ensure you and your family are safe no matter the conditions. Nova Scotia’s website has a complete list of everything you need in your emergency kits here. Non-perishable food items, water-proof matches, and blankets are a must.

4. Winter gear If you did any amount of shovelling last year, you were in one of two camps: those who had a good shovel, and those who now regularly visit a chiropractor. Having proper winter gear is essential for handling the season’s most treacherous weather. Make an inventory of what equipment you have, and what you need. The basics include a shovel, boots, gloves, thick socks, long johns, sunglasses (not just for summer!), and an exceptionally warm hat. Multiples of each item are recommended. And, if you’re committed to staying active this winter, invest in some winter trail gaiters for your running shoes!

5. Get out the boardgames! When the power inevitably goes out, be ready to combat the long, dark hours with some good ol’fashion fun. Having a healthy supply of boardgames at hand will make the internet downtime fly by, and who doesn’t love a game of Monopoly? If you have any tips on getting prepared for winter reach out to us on our social channels, or contact us here!

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