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Schedules and Self-Isolating

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Schedules and Self-Isolating

As we are nearing the end of another week of self-isolation and quarantine, that has seen many laid off, many others working from home, and children on week 2 of their “extended March Break”, more than ever I am appreciating the need and importance of maintaining a schedule.

It’s very simple to slide into a slump, develop unhealthy habits, and ultimately derail any progress we have tried to make, or have made in the past. This can result in reduced energy levels, which only precipitates the problem. It is extremely important for your physical, as well as mental health to develop a new schedule for yourself and stick to it!

Regardless of whether you’re working from home or just temporarily laid off, you should give yourself a bedtime, as well as a wake-up time every day. Make exercise routine. Showering, changing clothes (it might seem silly to add this to the list, but I have seen some people talking about not doing this!), have breakfast every day, and make sure you get up and move around your place often. Get those steps in!  Most of us recognize that children thrive on schedules and routines. This is something we do not outgrow as adults.

For those of you working from home, it is also important to schedule breaks, take your lunch break, and make sure you end your work at your usual time of day. For those who work from home full time, it can sometimes feel that you’re never off work, so those hard start and stop times are extremely important.

Take the time to listen to yourself, don’t ignore queues your mental and physical health are sending to you, and be kind to yourself! It can be a challenge not knowing when our “new normal” will return to “normal” but it is something we can all get through!


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