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Travel Insurance: Protect More than your Health

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Travel Insurance: Protect More than your Health

For many Canadians who are travelling outside the country, they believe that travel insurance is optional opt-in for their trip. People may feel that they are healthy, and if something minor were to happen they will just cover it themselves. Travel insurance, however, protects more than just your health.

In addition to out of country emergency medical coverage, a comprehensive travel insurance policy will also cover trip cancellation and trip interruption expenses. If your flight happens to be delayed, this is a situation that can easily happen and something that is good to have coverage for. The last thing anyone wants is more unexpected expenses!

A good travel insurance policy will also cover theft of baggage and valuables. This is something that can easily occur wherever you may travel and if you’re out of country, a traditional personal insurance policy may not protect you.

One of the biggest “peace of mind” offerings of a travel insurance plan is 24 hour access to representative, who is available to help get you the proper medical help or answer any questions you may have, which can eliminate communication difficulties.

The same as all insurance plans, when it comes to travel insurance there are many different options and coverage levels available. The best option for finding out information is to call our office and speak to a certified advisor, who can assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you. Consultations are always free.  You can call our Dartmouth, NS office at 1-888-235-6169 or Saint John, NB at 1-800-565-7050.

Take some of your travel stress away by securing your travel insurance coverage!


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