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Party Smart

Ah, the holidays. The tree has been trimmed, stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and presents with pretty bows are under the tree. It’s that special time of year to reconnect with family and friends, which can also mean many holiday parties and way more food and treats we are used to seeing around us. So how can you enjoy the festive season without compromising all the great progress you’ve made with eating healthy? Here are some tricks and tips on how to avoid overeating and party smart.

1. Feeding your body right now helps you eat right then

Eating healthy during the year will make an impact on your eating habits come party season. Eat veggies, protein and low-fat meals and try to avoid sugar during the year, so come party season you’re less likely to gravitate to the sweets table.

2. Work it out

Sweating it out pre-party not only ensures you’ll look fabulous in that party dress, it helps your body crave the healthy stuff. An added bonus is that it will kick up your metabolism a notch, so anything you DO eat will digest better!

3. Size does matter

Choose a small plate when you hit the buffet table. It really does help you to eat less food, and make sure to load up some healthy picks as well. Even better than a plate? Use a napkin. You can only take with you what would fit in the palm of your hand.

4. Don’t party on an empty stomach

We’ve all heard the “don’t shop on an empty stomach” and this applies to walking into a party too. You will end up eating far more than you actually need. Load up on some protein-rich snacks ahead of time. It will help keep you from binge eating as well as boost the metabolism and keep you feeling full longer.

5. Pace yourself

Eat slowly when you’re at a party. Take small bites and chew slowly. Remember, it takes your body 20 minutes to feel satiated, so give it a chance to send out those “ok we’re done” cues.   The bottom line? Enjoy yourself. If you know that you’re one of those people who, no matter what your best intentions are, will eat more than you want then plan ahead for it. Eat less during the day, and the day after, to help balance out the calorie intake. Most important of all, keep in mind that indulging one night is not going to be detrimental to your weight-loss or healthy eating goals. After all, it’s not what you do once in a while, but all the time, that counts.

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