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Balance Your Life: Dance to the Music!

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Balance Your Life: Dance to the Music!

Dance Dance Dance! Sometimes you just have to dance it out.


Dancing is a form of aerobic activity, and studies have shown that the health benefits of this type of activity include strengthening heart and lungs, lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, improving your immune function, and lowering your blood pressure.

When it comes to music, it brings its own share of benefits to the table! These include reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing pain, improving immune function, memory aid, and helping us exercise.  When added together, these two equal a mind/body workout that is hard to beat!

The next time you’re cleaning house, crank up the tunes and dance along. It’s amazing how many mundane tasks can suddenly become fun when you add some dancing to the mix. Free your mind and dust off those dancing shoes. Got some awesome tracks you recommend to get your body moving? We’d love to hear from you!

This Balance Your Life™ tip is brought to you by Belmont Health & Wealth. Contact us today for information on group retirement, group employee benefits, personal savings and insurance and even wellness strategies!

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