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Appy Friday: MyFitnessPal

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Appy Friday: MyFitnessPal

This month, Belmont Health & Wealth employees are taking in part in a monthly wellness challenge called “I really ate that?” For the entire month, we will be recording our food intake every day (that’s the hope anyway)!  We are all hoping to gain some new insight and food awareness.

When it comes to weight management, the general rule to follow is the 80-20 rule (some even say it’s 85-15!). Weight loss is typically 15-20% of exercise and 80-85% what you eat.  If you’ve never done it, sometime jump on a treadmill or any cardio gym equipment that measures calories burnt… and see how long it takes you to burn enough calories for your favourite chocolate bar. It can be a little eye-opening!

A great app to use for a food diary without question is MyFitnessPal. First, you can’t beat the price (it’s FREE). MyFitnessPal allows you to set what goal you’re wanting to achieve (lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight), and it has a comprehensive database of different foods… so it’s just a matter of searching what you are eating, or want to eat, and adding it to your total for the day. It even has a great deal of restaurants if you happen to be eating out!

You also have the ability to link fitness tracking devices to it, so you’ll get credit for your steps or any exercise that you do. That also gives you more points for the day. BONUS!

Even if you can’t commit for a month, give food tracking a try for just a week… the results might surprise you!

Do you already track your food, or would you like to take part in this challenge with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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