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Make Steps Your Goal

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Make Steps Your Goal

If you’re one of the one-in-six Canadians who wear a fitness device (Fitbit, Misfit, Apple Watch, etc), you are likely more than aware of the 10,000 goal for steps. While there is some discussion about whether or not 10,000 is actually the magic number for physical activity, few can deny the importance of taking the time to just be more active overall.

Whatever your daily step goal is, it can seem daunting at times to reach it… but it doesn’t have to be! Below are some tried and true ways to incorporate some extra steps into your daily routine.

Ditch the Wheels

Look for opportunities to walk instead of drive! Have to stop for a few things at the store? Grab a reusable shopping bag and walk up. It’s good for you and good for the environment.

Park Away

For the times you just can’t leave the car behind, choose to park further away from the building rather than circling to find that coveted “close to the door” spot. It’s a simple way to add some steps without really noticing it. After all, if the store is busy, you could have had to park there anyway.

Drink your recommended daily allowance of water

This might seem like an odd one for this list, but when you are trying to drink your recommended daily water, you have to go to the bathroom more. And more frequent trips to the bathroom equals more steps for you. Another win win!

Move every hour

Several studies have shown that our sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to overall health, and many recommend moving at least once an hour. If you have wearable technology that buzzes you when you haven’t gotten up in an hour, bonus! Commit every hour to doing for a bit of a walk. It’s great for your circulation, helps keep your muscles looser, and adds some steps to your daily total.

Take the stairs

You can’t write about incorporating extra steps without including stairs… the dreaded stairs. Taking the stairs does wonders for your cardiovascular system, your muscles, circulation and yes… more steps. Love those steps!

Dance Dance Dance

You don’t have to approach your step goal as this dull and boring thing to reach for! Any time you’re up and moving those step points are going up up up! The next time you’re cleaning house, throw on some tunes and dance your way around. Not only will your numbers elevate, your mood will too!

Have any other suggestions for increasing your step count? We’d love to hear from you!

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